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Rude Nora 3-dive

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Rude Nora 3-dive

Rude Nora 3 no longer available

Nora 4 available from the

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Rude Nora 3

Nora 3-dive Specification

  • New generation Cree XP-L2 5000k (record efficiency up to 200 lumens/watt)
  • 5000k LEDs, nice light temperature, brightest without being too white and harsh
  • Considered range of settings, balancing light outputs and run times, for caving! 
  • LEDs operated separately or together, up to 1350 lumen .... too bright!!
  • 1000 lumen flood or 1000 lumen spot LED outputs 
  • Optically enhanced wide flood LED 
  • Smooth caver friendly spot LED, not too narrow
  • Fully configurable settings, blending  spot and flood LEDs at various power levels
  • Remote control for super easy configuration of settings to user requirements
  • Seperate camp LED providing 2 weeks light (4000k neutral white)
  • Cave and dive proof piezo switch
  • Highest capacity, standard shape li-ion battery packs or individual 18650 cells 
  • 3x AA 'expedition' battery holder
  • Original Nora battery charge level indicator (blinks 1-5 times, avoid removing helmet)
  • Individually pressure tested to 14 bar (with 3-dive battery box)
  • Simple and versatile micro USB based charging from mains, car, portable device etc
  • Available with choice of new 3-dive battery box, or 2xs battery box
  • Reliable electronics and custom software based on proven Nora 3.7v platform 
  • Auto transport lock, electronic
  • Rugged, quality cable used since first Nora lamps were manufactured
  • Robust lightweight construction, 305g (lamp 110g, box 100g, battery 95g)
  • Compact design, very well balanced on helmet







Rude Nora 3-dive

Dive proofed caving lamp with versatile battery box supporting both standard Li-ion battery packs and individual 18650 batteries. Designed to meet the requirements of hard core cavers pushing gnarly or remote locations, Nora 3 is equally well suited to the sport caver.