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(new) Rude Nora 4 

Available 26th September


lil' monkey caving lamps

Filthy Edna 2    
Edna 2 caving lamp featuring alloy battery box with 18650 battery holder, plus alloy helmet bracket and lamp fixings. Wonderfully simple high specification caving lamp
. Uses regular 18650 batteries or li-ion battery packs.  


Edna lamp sets from £209  (lamp only £159)  


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Little Monkey Caving Lamps 

(new) Rude Nora 4   

Nora 4 caving lamp with Cree XP-L2 high intensity spot and wide angle flood LEDs. User configurable with Nora remote control programmer. Compact, lightweight, highest specification caving lamp. Available with Edna battery box or Nora battery box


Nora lamp sets from £249  (lamp only £199) 


see Rude Nora Shop  

Filthy Edna caving lamps from £159

Rude Nora caving lamps from £199

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(new) Nora Li-ion USB chargers  (Edna / Nora)

USB-A and USB-C chargers, with crafty monkey tail ! 

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