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Rude Nora 2 - Miscellaneous

Nora 2 uses high power LEDs and is fairly bright. Do not look at LEDs in operation. Eye injury can result. Be especially careful of this when programming light settings. Do not shine you light into other people’s eyes, particularly at close range. For more information, see

The modification of helmets for caving

By necessity helmets have to be modified in order that they can effectively be used for caving or adapted to suit the requirements of a particular task within the caving environment. Invariably holes will need to be drilled in the shell so that lamp brackets or reserve lamps can be fitted. Cavers drill helmets; as they principally use these to mount lamps and protect from light bumps.
If holes are drilled in sensible positions and kept to a minimum they are unlikely to have an adverse effect on the overall strength or protection offered by the helmet shell, but obviously this can't be guaranteed. Drilling holes into a helmet shell technically invalidates its certification as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and may have an adverse effect on the amount of protection provided by it, so anyone who modifies or uses a modified helmet must be aware of, and fully accept, the potential incurred risks of the modification beforehand and during subsequent use.

High power LEDs


Caving is not without risks. We would not presume to tell you how to kit up and use your equipment. What we will say is that the Nora 2 is not, and should not be considered as, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
How you interpret any guidance that we give on the use of our products and how you use our equipment is entirely at your own risk.
Caving is a rigorous activity that is harsh on equipment. Nora 2 has been designed to be safe, robust and best withstand the demands of caving, while remaining practical as a tool for this purpose. This does not mean that it cannot be broken. Lights can fail without warning, and we take no responsibility for any consequence of this. Always carry a reliable and accessible independent backup light source for any light crucial activity / function.
Good caving practice is your own responsibility. We do not take responsibility for any accident, injury, liability or cost, to yourself or that you may cause to anyone else, or to any property. This applies to caving or any other function for which you choose to use and place reliance upon our product.
Please note that you personally assume full responsibility for the risk of property damage, bodily injury or death which may occur from the use of this product in any manor whatsoever. If you are not able, or not in a position to, assume this responsibility, or take the risk, then do not use this product. We are not responsible for the consequences (direct, indirect or accidental) or any other type of damage befalling or resulting from the use of this product. If you are not entirely comfortable with the above, then do not purchase or use any of our products. 



Nora 2 has a standard 1 year warranty against defects in material and manufacture. If your product or accessories fails to operate to specification during the Warranty period we will arrange for your product to be repaired or at our discretion replaced. This warranty is subject to reasonable wear and tear (in our opinion) and correct use and maintenance of the product as applicable. We will not provide warranty repair / replacement if the problem, in our opinion, resulted from use outside the product specification, modifications or alterations, incorrect connection, operation or fitting where applicable, external damage due to accident, impact/ abrasion, poor storage, poor maintenance, use of non approved parts, wear and tear parts (e.g. Nora 2 front window). We will always endeavour to keep any costs due to damage to an absolute minimum.  
Nora 2 has been designed to operate effectively in a hostile environment, i.e. caves, and be as robust / reliable / practical as possible for this purpose. As a consequence it will get battered and while we appreciate that it is entirely feasible to break things occasionally, any such damage is beyond the scope of the product warranty. Expect to pay for any damage related repairs. Battery packs in particular are sensitive and subject to damage from misuse, impact, temperature and most significantly water ingress / moisture. Although in reality fairly robust (we see very few failures), battery packs / chargers are only covered by warranty if defects in materials or manufacture can be demonstrated to our satisfaction, and limited to a 3 month period from purchase. Nora battery packs / chargers are professionally manufactured, and as distributers we will only undertake very minor repairs to these items. E.g. we may replace a damaged connector, but will not open a charger or battery pack to exchange a moisture damaged protection circuit. Your safety is our priority.

Rude Nora 2 cave diving etc.

The Nora 2 is designed to be as waterproof as possible, and could likely achieve a significant depth rating if suitably maintained. We are aware that our lights are often used for cave diving. However, please note that the Nora 2 is not depth rated, not guaranteed for this, and any such activity is entirely at your own risk. Nora 2 is not a diving light. In any instant, the ability of the Nora to perform at depth will ultimately be limited by the rating of certain proprietry parts, e.g. the battery box cable gland is rated 10 bar static (which means around 100m deep, but not moving around). Damage due to water ingress is not covered, regardless of circumstance. It is your responsibility to keep water out, by good care and maintenance. Ensure glands, seals and closures are well maintained. We will keep you appraised (on website) as to any diving related issues that we are made aware of from anyone choosing as their own decision to use our products in this manner. Any depth pressure testing that we carry out and publish should only be considered as indicative of the performance that the product might achieve under ideal conditions, and not as license to use the product in this manner.
Nora 2 should be considered to be a waterproof caving light, not a deep diving light. It is possible that we will manufacture a dive rated Nora in the future, though features and benefits of the Nora would without doubt be compromised from a caving perspective.