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Rude Nora and Filthy Edna
Available to buy online from the
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Filthy Edna 2

Edna 2 Specification

High end caving light, offering exceptional value for money. Single main LED (plus low power side LED). Compact, lightweight and versatile, using interchangeable 18650 battery. Wonderfully simple !

  • Compact, high specification caving lamp at competitive price
  • Robust aluminium CNC machined lamp and lightweight alloy battery box
  • Uses single easily sourced, low cost unprotected 18560 li-ion battery (or battery pack !) 
  • 1000 lumen output (see ANSI lumens) from main wide focus LED 
  • Simple range of settings, balancing light outputs and run times, for caving! 
  • Waterproof design for 'wet' caving IP68 5m (not for geared up cave diving)
  • New generation Cree XP-L2 5000k (record efficiency up to 200 lumens/watt)
  • Seperate camp LED providing 200+ hours light at 5 lumen
  • Battery level indicator (blinks 1-5 times on hand, avoid removing helmet)
  • Batteries readily interchangeable for extended trips, and long term battery management
  • Compact design, very well balanced on helmet 175g (lamp 90g, battery box 75g)
  • Designed and manufactured in UK 


Available to buy online from the Lil' Monkey web shop

£219  (Edna 2 lamp set with battery box)