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Filthy Edna 2 

Available to buy online from the Lil' Monkey web shop


Filthy Edna 2

Edna 2 Specification

High end caving light, offering exceptional value for money. Single main LED (plus low power side LED). Compact, lightweight and versatile, using interchangeable 18650 battery. Wonderfully simple !

  • Compact, high specification caving lamp at competitive price
  • Robust aluminium CNC machined lamp, lightweight, lamp 90g (battery boxes from 75g)
  • Advanced 3.7v custom light engine, optimised for li-ion batteries!
  • Robust, protected and easy to operate switch
  • Waterproof design for 'wet' caving IP68 5m (not for geared up cave diving)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


  • 1000 lumen output (see ANSI lumens) from main wide focus LED 
  • Simple range of settings, balancing light outputs and run times, for caving! 
  • 5000k LED, optimal light temperature, brightest without being too white and harsh
  • New generation Cree XP-L2 5000k (record efficiency up to 200 lumens/watt)
  • Non magnetic headset


  • Simple choice of settings, balancing light outputs and run times, for caving!
  • Seperate camp LED providing 200+ hours light at 5 lumen
  • Battery charge level indicator, blinks 1-5 times on hand, avoid removing helmet


  • Effective heat sinking and thermal management
  • Strong, no nonsense alloy lamp bracket
  • Robust, abrasion resilient cable


  • Highest capacity li-ion battery packs or widely available individual 18650 batteries
  • Batteries readily interchangeable for extended trips, and long term battery management
  • Simple and versatile USB / micro USB charging 


Available to buy online from the Lil' Monkey web shop








Lil' Monkey caving lamps available with choice of either Edna or Nora battery box. You can have Nora 4 lamp with Edna battery box, or Edna 2 lamp with Nora battery box. Not too confusing we hope.